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Ongoing Partner Program

This program is dedicated to managing our Client's procurement needs for Human Capital. We manage the client selected Vendors that provide ongoing resources to meet client's Staff Supplementation needs. This helps reduce administrative overheads, cost and improves process efficiencies.

Sunset Program

Enables WebXL to ensure business continuity of resources from existing vendors that are no longer deemed Preferred or Core Vendors to our clients. Our team works with these vendors to transition them into a different billing model. These non-preferred vendors continue to retain their services while billing through WebXL. As their resources roll off billing, we work with our clients to phase out these Vendors thus causing minimal disruption to the client.

Payrolling Services

As part of its Human Capital Management program, our Managed Services team works with clients to provide payrolling services. This allows clients to retain select resources and reduce recruiting efforts and time while outsourcing all liabilities that surround HR, Immigration, Benefits, Taxation and Payroll. This also creates a separation between the client and the resource and thus enables utilization of resources without adding to their permanent headcount or increasing exposure to classification penalties by IRS.

Our payrolling services help lower overheads, risks and administrative issues while providing significant cost savings.